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Vanessa P., 25 years old.
“Apart from the push up effect which is always a must, I found Formousia jeans truly comfortable and pleasant to wear. At the end of the day, I felt my legs lighter and more tonic than ever.”
Annamaria D., 40 years old
“I wore Formousia jeans during work hours and I felt as if I were getting a massage the whole time. At night my legs felt less swollen and my skin more compact and smoother.”
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Giovanna T., 33 years old
“My mark for comfort is 10, lightness in the legs 10, push up effect 8, tone improvement 7. I was very pleased with Formousia jeans and I wouldn’t have wanted to take them off at the end of the test. While I was wearing them I felt my legs very light and airy and the usual vascular pains kicked in a lot later than usual.”
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Eva A., 58 years old
“Formousia trousers are very pleasant to wear and the modelling effect is natural and can truly be seen.”
Antonia D., 23 years old
“I usually avoid skinny jeans because they annoy me… I gave in to take the test and I was amazed because Formousia not only has an excellent wearability: basically, I can’t feel anything on!”
Maria G., 34 years old
“Compared to the usual form-fitting trousers, I’d say that Formousia fabric makes these jeans considerably more comfortable and effective in terms of push up.”
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Lucia S., 18 years old
“Here is my report card after 15 days: comfort 9, lightness in the legs 10, push up effect 8, tone improvement 8. I must add that at the end of each day my legs were visibly less swollen than usual.”