Exclusive FORMOUSIATM characteristics for product.

Sectorial graduated compression
frecciaInteraction with vessels and stimulus towards contraction
frecciaCreation of pseudo-valves on the surface
frecciaImprovement of microcirculation and thermoregulation


 + Support concerning lymphatic rising
= Light feel in the lower limbs
+ Higher supply of nutrients to the tissues
= Improvement of both the look and tone
+ Activation of lipidic cells
= Breakdown of localized fat
Exclusive FORMOUSIATM characteristics for production.

Integration of modeling and push up properties directly in the fabric
frecciaFashion style meeting point regarding sportswear, wellness and healthcare
frecciaAttention to performance, in terms of resistance to stress of the finished product
frecciaDefinition of an exclusive productive process protected by an international licensep.p.


 + Design flexibility
= More freedom in stylistic solutions and in the purpose of the clothing
+ Applications on different types of yarn
= Amplification of productive possibilities
+ “Textile wellness” concept
= New and versatile source of appeal for the consumer

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